samedi 13 mars 2010

THE 24-CARAT BLACK "The misfortune's wealth

Recorded at Morgan Sound Theatre, Michigan 1973 and produced by Dale O. Warren
Originally released in 1973 as Enterprise LP ENS 1030

One of my top ten rare grooves album

It's an unique album concept in the black music history and especially from Stax records.

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Side A
- Synopsis one : In the ghetto / God save the world
- Poverty's paradise
- Brown-baggin'

Side B
- Synopsis two : Mother's day
- Mother's day
- Foodstamps
- Ghetto misfortune's wealth
- 24-Carat Black (theme)

2 commentaires:

soup a dit…

The Young Disciples cut an album with this production!

Tonton Décibel !!! a dit…

la suite est sorti il y a peu , une sacrer histoire !!!

24 Carat Black - 1975 The Promises Of Yesterday