vendredi 25 avril 2008

KOOL MOE DEE "Wild wild west"

Classic 87 rap tune from Kool Moe Dee. This is the extended 12" version.

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PURE ENERGY "You've got the power"

Each day is different, I hope that people which will discover this, will feel what I felt the first time that I heard it. One of my favorite 80's funk.

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ONENESS OF JUJU "(Family tree) Make a chance"

Saxophonist, J. Plunky Branch's band sign here a strange but great Afro fusion Reggae tune.

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JODY WATLEY featuring ROY AYERS "I love to love"

The best new singer and female R'nB 1988 award sign here, with the heavy weights champions MAW and Roy Ayers, a great garage tune and classic MAW's production. It reminds us the keyboard line from "Got to love somebody" by Sister Sledge.

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mardi 22 avril 2008

GENE CHANDLER "When you're #1"

There should be a law to force people that to have this disc and listen it every week.
A must have...

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Released in 1978 and one of his best Disco tune with the amazing "When you're n°1".

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mercredi 16 avril 2008


Funky rap about NBA like a lot were produced at this period.

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Wonderful Jazz-Funk tune, who had a second life under the Acid Jazz era at the beginning of the 90's. This is typically the kind of song which the dancers appreciate, they can do something different.

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LAMONT DOZIER "Going back to my roots"

Another classic and must have 12".

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GIL SCOTT-HERON "The bottle" live

Wonderful version of this anthem.
You thought of knowing this song...

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mercredi 9 avril 2008

Mr V "Jus Dance"

This is the Sole channel mix, a classic introspective tune.

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BEBE WINANS "Thank you"

There is a sticker on the cover where you can read "Underground anthem produced and mixed by the Masters At Work".
It's enough for me, now listen it and you'll see...

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BOB SINCLAR "I feel for you" Spiller remix

I'm not a big fan of Bob Sinclar's music (even at the beginning it was better) but this remix from Spiller is very dope, maybe because he uses a sample from one of my favorite album. You can find the original on those pages on the LP from The Mighty Ryeders.

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lundi 7 avril 2008

AFRO CUBAN BAND "Something's gotta give"

Musician studio group formed by Michael Zager, this tune is the original of the Kid Capri's production "soundtrack of the street" performed by NAS.

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