samedi 30 juin 2007

PEECH BOYS "Don't make me wait"

Later called NYC PEECH BOYS when this track was released on Island records. Paradise Garage classic produced by Larry Levan.

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SUPER-WOLF "Super wolf can do it"

Rappin cover in the "Djs style rappin"of "I'm so hot" by Denise Lasalle. It's very funky !
Long version

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PATCHWORKS & Mr DAY "Brothers on a slide"

Wonderful Reggae cover of Cymande classic tune.

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LAID BACK "White horse"

Big classic at the begining of the eighties from this Danish group. Very difficult to classified it in a period where it could be early House, New wave electro, Electro Disco.

Judge by yourself

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Willy's African Selection 3

Following of the adventure with this third selection of my Afro/Carribean tunes.
Featuring West Indies, Ghana, France, Senegal, Cameroon, Nederland, Nigeria.

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MANU DIBANGO : Afro-soul
OBO ADY : Moko n'ye omo ni oba
LIJADU SISTERS : Orere-elejigbo
EKO : M'ongele m'am
BLACK SOUL : Dakar sound
SAPODILLA PUNCH : Hold on, I'm coming
BLACK BLOOD : Omeo e pati, Omeo e pala
KALYAN : Disco reggae

vendredi 29 juin 2007

KEV-E-KEV & A-KB "Keep on doin'"

Big Classic with this sample from Bobby Byrd
produced by Paul C.
Expensive hard to find recently re-edited with a similar sound quality.

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24 KARAT GOLD "Dance to my music"

Very good LP from 1978, on a small label Desert Bone Records. A mixture of jazz funk, funky disco and heavy funk, with a specific sound. This is the same thing as THE MIGHTY RYEDERS, same vibes and same obscured LP. Typical thing re-edited by Luv' n Haight.

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jeudi 28 juin 2007


Import Lp not released everywhere.

1. Intro - Gina, The Brand New Heavies
2. Paarty - Bucwhead, Sy Smith, The Brand New Heavies
3. Don't Call Me Foolish - Sy Smith, The Brand New Heavies
4. Respect - Jimmy Smith, The Brand New Heavies
5. What Do You Take Me For ? - N'Dea Davenport, The Brand New Heavies
6. We Won't Stop - Sy Smith, The Brand New Heavies
7. Bling Bling - Dirty Rat, The Brand New Heavies
8. The Rhythm Is - Gina Loring, The Brand New Heavies
9. Love Is... - Jan, Sy Smith, The Brand New Heavies
10. Music - Sy Smith, The Brand New Heavies
11. Do You Wanna Fly? - Jan, The Brand New Heavies
12. Rise - Sy Smith, The Brand New Heavies

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DONALD BYRD "Spaces and places"

Arranged By - Larry Mizell
Arranged By [Strings] - Wade Marcus
Bass [Fendor] - Chuck Rainey
Clavinet, Trumpet - Fonce Mizell
Congas - King Errisson
Congas, Percussion - Mayuto Correa
Drums - Harvey Mason
Fender Rhodes - Skip Scarborough
Guitar - Craig McMullen , John Rowin
Piano [Acoustic] - Larry Mizell
Producer - Fonce Mizell , Larry Mizell
Saxophone [Tenor] - Tyree Glenn
Trombone - George Bohanon
Trumpet - Raymond Brown
Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals - Donald Byrd

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Cover of Rolling Stones classic tune.

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mercredi 27 juin 2007


Good surprise of the day ! I've bought it today and listen the LP "miss diamond to you", good, very good.
Released in 2007.

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mardi 26 juin 2007

LACE "Can't play around"

Another Larry Levan classic !

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Classic tune !
Update with the whole record ( A side & B side).

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LIGIT "Settin' it strate"

Released in 1989 on 8 Ball records. Classic track from the Bay Area, good flow with Funky drummer and scratch. In the Paul C production's line.

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GANG STARR "Movin' on"

Released in 1989 from their first LP. Use the same drum loop as MC Lyte 'lyte as a rock" House mix. Here the bass is from "Bra" of Cymande.

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lundi 25 juin 2007

MC LYTE "Lyte as a rock"

From DJ ASKO's private collection. He helped me on the way about this requested 12".

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dimanche 24 juin 2007

Willy's African Selection 2

Volume 2 from my compilation collection of Afro/Carribean tunes.
Featuring West Indies, Soudan, Ghana, France, Senegal

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Original Tropicana Steel Band : Calypso rock
Kongas : Dr Doo-Dah
Don Ray : Body and Soul
Butta : O' Kwawasa' se'
Ahmed Abdul-Malik : El-lail
Oscar Sulley : Bukom mashie
Ti Seles : Pas décourajé' w toni
Tabou Combo : Konpa mania
Abou Sylla : On verra ça

Willy's African Selection 1

I made my own selection because too much good musics in obscured album or 7".
Featuring West Indies, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, France, Nigeria

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The Ashantis : Everybody groove
Kongas : Anikana-O
Monomono : Get yourself together
EKO : Funky disco music
Hugh Massekela : Ashiko
Mastermind : Free and wild
Atomic Bomb Zigoto : Menyeckse
Peter King : Ajo
Pacific Express : Black fire
The Vickings : Mama matotoya

mercredi 20 juin 2007

BLACK SOUL "Mangous ye"

Killer Afro-Disco tune.
Originated from Dakar (Senegal), this group was living in France and this track is in their following 1st American LP too. it's a Tom Moulton Mix fellas, Hot !
Released in 1976 for this 12" and 1977 for the LP.

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ARROW "Hot hot hot"

Released in 1983 from the Socca's producer Arrow.

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mardi 19 juin 2007


Great tune with an incredible break in the middle. It's a Loft classic.

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THE UNIVERSAL ROBOT BAND "Barely breaking even"

Released in 1982 and produced by Greg Carmichael. Another classic !
Very hot..!

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lundi 18 juin 2007

DARYL HALL AND JOHN OATES "I can't go for that (No can do)"

One of the original sample of "Say no go" by De La Soul.

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MICHAEL LONGO "900 shares of the blues"

the A-side is Jazz-Funk and the B-side is more traditionnal Jazz with a title slitghly latino Jazz. Wonderful LP with lot of original sample, see the cast :
Michael Longo, Joe Farrell, Ron Carter, Randy Brecker, Mickey Roker, Georges davis and Ralph McDonald.
Released in 1974 on Groove Merchant.

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a1- 900 shares of the blues
a2- Like a thief in the night
a3- Ocean of his might

b1- Magic number
b2- Summer gone
b3- El moodo grande


Produced by the great Ipanema Club's DJ Ray "Pinky" Velasquez in 1985.

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MO-JO "Jump, stomp and twist"


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THE SHADES OF LOVE "Keep in touch (body to body)

There are several releases of this track, the first one was a version on Venture, after came on Scorpgemi and finally another version on Scorpgemi and Venture too. Here you've 2 different versions, the first one Venture and the second on Scorpgemi. It's another fantastic production by Patrick Adams.

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Featuring DJ Cheese, released in 1985 and produced by Duke Booty. This is the second version released immediatly after the 1st version without the RUN DMC sample.

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TWILIGHT 22 "Electric kingdom"

Released in 1983, classic !
It's an Electro tune with Rap in like "Planet rock".

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TROUBLE FUNK "Drop the bomb"

Released in 1982, Big Classic !

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C.J.'S UPTOWN CREW "Satisfaction guaranteed"

featuring special Go-Go players : Lil Benny, Juju, Too tall Steeve, Go Go Mike & Go Go Wheels
Pure sound from Washington !

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LIGHTIN' RICH - BIG JOHN & the Maniacs "Roaches !"

Lead rap by Solo and released in 1986 (good year !)

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Live convention 77-79 - Disco history celebration

A lost edit of live rap and breaks that was originally scheduled to be released on two vinyl albums in 1981, this release is a prequel to the Live Convention '81 and '82 albums on Disco Wax Records.

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HIGH FIDELITY 3 featuring SARAH DASH "Satisfaction"

Released at 8000 copies in 1985 and features the Disco singer Sarah Dash from the group Labelle (Patti Labelle, Nona Hendrix and Sarah Dash). The chorus is an re-interpretation of "Satisfaction" of Rolling Stones

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DAVID BOWIE "Let's dance"

Co-produced with Niles Rogers of Chic. Released in 1983.

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dimanche 17 juin 2007

FARLEY "Jackmaster" FUNK & JESSIE SAUNDERS "Love can't turn around"

This is the Remix vocal club of this classic. Released in 1986.

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WALLY JUMP Jr & THE CRIMINAL ELEMENT "Ain't gonna pay one red cent"

Spoof of Gwen Guthrie's "Ain't nothing goin' on But the rent" features Will Downing on Vocals. As the original version, beautiful people at the production : Arthur Baker and The Latin rascal. Released in 1986.

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GWEN GUTHRIE "Ain't nothing goin' on but the rent"

Classified as House even it's not the typical sound but a big hit and classic tune at the Paradise Garage.
This is the Larry Levan's 12" club mix released in 1986.

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MASTERDON COMMITTEE "Get off my tip !"

In my top ten electro-rap records ! When the females MC's was on top and not treated as a bitches.
Check the Mix Show section for the 83-86 mix.

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EDDIE 'D' featuring GALAXXY "Cold, cash $ money"

Released in 1983, produced by Lawrence Goodman of Galaxxy.

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SHIFT "Roller rink funk"

Like the Licky 12", another wonderful ghetto Disco from Peter Brown's label.
It's a very very had to find.

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CHI-ALI "Roadrunner"

First 12" from his LP "The Fabulous Chi-Ali".
Here it is the remix by A Tribe Called Quest, the puberty remix after the voice mutation of Chi-Ali.

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- vocal
- instrumental

CHI-ALI "Let the horns blow" "Funky lemonade"

Produced by the beatnuts, 2nd 12" from this young artist after voice mutation ! Here in "le the horns blow" with Blacksheep.

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MICKY MILAN "Quand tu danses (Y'a tout qui bouge, qui balance!...)

I grown up in a ghetto city where there was nothing. In fact, two things not very important for me at this time, but later the reminiscence of those moments help me in my DJ built. Those two things were a radio upstair where I was living : RDH where the French HipHop pionneers were as Ben, DJ Dee Nasty, Lionel D and a funky club : L'échapatoire, where Micky Milan was the DJ.
Music composed by François Feldman from FF Yellowhand.

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samedi 16 juin 2007

CITISPEAK "Rock to rok"

Typical 80's groove that we've heard it on the radio but impossible to know what it is and one day the revelation !
Diffcult to ranged it in a category, it's something like a mellow 80's groove.

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WISH featuring FONDA RAE "Touch me (all night long)

Produced by the two genius Patrick Adams and Greg Carmichael.

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BUMPS JACKSON "Funky in Jamaica"

A big rough Jamaïcan funk !

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GANG-STARR "Just to get a rep" "Who's gonna take the weight"

After an ignored first Lp, Gang-Starr's back with this forthcoming 12" extract from "Step in the arena" LP. Until now "Who's gonna take the weight" is still a dope classic in Rap Hystory as the LP where it comes from. "Who's gonna take the weight" is a sample of Maceo Parker "Party", "Just to get a rep" is a sample of the French composer Jean-Jacques Perrey "E.V.A.

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Just to get a rep : vocal - instrumental - a cappella

Who's gonna take the weight : vocal - instrumental

vendredi 15 juin 2007

DEXTER WANSEL "Life on Mars"

As a lot of Jazz-Funk LP especially here, listen is better than read me. Dexter Wansel takes us, for this space trip album.
Released in 1976.

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A1 A Prophet Named K.G.
A2 Life On Mars
A3 Together Once Again
A4 Stargazer

B1 One Million Miles From The Ground
B2 You Can Be What You Wanna Be
B3 Theme From The Planets
B4 Rings Of Saturn