lundi 22 juin 2009

HYPERTENSION "Got this feelin"

From Boston this 80's super rare record bring us flyin' piano, def claps, synth bass line, horns section that remember us the best Hip Hop funky tunes.

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ICE "Afro agban"

French Afro-funk production by Pierre Jaubert as producer. It's quasi the same group as Lafayette Afro Rock Band. They played behind Leroy Gomez, Nino Ferrer, Michel Magne,...
This is an instrumental LP.

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Oda mimian
Ozan koukle

Alow aton

dimanche 21 juin 2009

WILLIE BOBO "Always there"

Wonderful cover of Side Effect's classic hit (originally co-composed by Ronnie Laws) and 12" version of this Wayne Henderson's production signed Willie Bobo.
This tune is a master dance floor anthem.

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samedi 13 juin 2009

NORTHEND featuring MICHELLE WALLACE "Happy days" - Willy's edit

Beautiful funky track released in 1981. One of the top production from Arthur Baker.

jeudi 11 juin 2009


On M-LOW rec. released in 1985.
A must have.

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WAYNE FORD "Dance to the beat freakout"

Superb tune from Peter Brown production.
It's a rare tune not only 'cause it's a very hard to find record but this kind of tune is rare by its quality.
13 minutes with breaks, dope bassline, good vocals, dope strings in the P&P pure tradition.

Listen it, it's very big !

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samedi 6 juin 2009

MINISTERS OF BLACK "One of a kind" "Step into my office"

No information about it but excellent tracks. As I remember, I've bought it in 1989 and since I never seen it or heard talk about it. One day it'll cost a lot of money. Wait and see...

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