vendredi 29 février 2008

HARLEM WORLD CREW "Let's rock" long version

1980 and second release on Tayster label. Harlem World Crew is composed by Dr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde (who produced later Mary J. Blige) and this tune is featuring MC Lady Smiley.

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DELMAR DONELL "In the cabbage patch"

Obscur electro Funky/Disco tune from Delmar Donell himself on his own label Street Beat.

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LANIER "25 hours"

Back for more...
Amazing tune, extremely hard to find, one of the rarest Disco record on earth. It starts like a Willie Hutch's song and finish like a Afro-Disco song with a soprano sax line like in the Fela's song. Incredible.

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HERMAN KELLY & Life "Who's the funky DJ ?"

It seems a lot of people have a problem to extract it, so update.

Killer tune on the dance floor extract from the LP "Percussion explosion!" in 1978 on Alston, sub-label of TK records.

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jeudi 28 février 2008

MARTIN CIRCUS "Je m'éclate au Sénégal"

The first group to have dared to use and impose the French language in rock. The first two albums (1969 & 1971) where more rock-oriented, while later works had were disco with the famous track "Disco Circus". Here, it's a kind of psychedelic-rock with a funky touch. Released in 1971.

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vendredi 22 février 2008

ADEVA "Respect"

Nice cover of the classic from Aretha Franklin.
Here, two mix : Club vocal mix and Dancin' Danny D mix. Enjoy !

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jeudi 21 février 2008

SANTESSA "Just when i needed you" Joe Claussel remix

Wonderful deep tune, very peaceful.
I'm sorry the song skip one time (maybe two) because it comes from a CDR given to me 8 years ago.

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CURTIS "How can I tell her"

Since the first day I do my best to put some rares records even some people are high in attitude and low in grattitude (dixit Dr Okeh). This one is probably one of the hardest to find Disco records in the universe. It's for you, free with a smile.
This blog is just at his beginning... The best is to come.

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mardi 19 février 2008

SAMMY GORDON & the Hip Huggers "Making love"

Sammy was the first artist to sign on the New York's Greg label (later called Red Greg), and "Making love" was written and produced by Patrick Adams. It's a nice, slowish synthesized disco track and it has Patrick's trademarks written all over it.

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enjoy !

FELA RANSOME KUTI & ROY AYERS "2000 blacks got to be free"

Wonderful meeting between these two masters !

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lundi 18 février 2008


Patrick Adams & Greg Carmichael in one of their first contribution to the Disco era !

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CLOUD ONE "Atmosphere strut"

One of the first 12" produced on P&P records. 1976.

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GOLDEN FLAMINGO ORCHESTRA featuring MARGO WILLIAMS "The guardian angel is watching over us"


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Wonderful LP on Channel records released in 1979 with some Greg Carmichael's production.
You can find a shorter version of "Making love" on her other previous Lp under the band name Pam Todd and Love Exchange.

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Baise Moi (Kiss Me)
Ain't Got Nobody

Let's Get Together
Makin' Love
You And Me Together

dimanche 17 février 2008

TWILIGHT 22 "Street love"

Direct in the line of ALEEMS "release yourself".
Dope !!

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CLOUD ONE featuring MARGO WILLIAMS "don't let my rainbow pass me by"


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JO BOYER "Isabelle and the rain"

Obscur underground Disco tune with a lot of keyboards solos.

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CLOUD ONE "Party at da millenium"

Ignored tune from Peter Brown & Patrick Adams.
Announced as 4,25 but in fact 6,21.

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CLOUD ONE "Patty duke"

Once again Peter Brown produced an ultimate all time classic. This bass line is legendary. You can find her with Spoonie Gee or Scoopy. A must have !

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LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY "Love sensation" Shep Pettibone mix

Dan Hartman produced another of ultimate all times club classic !
This is the Shep Pettibone mix version.
NEVER forget this kind of classic even a lot of peple prefers run after the hard to find expensive isshh.

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SAXMACHINE "Love is the message" warehouse dub

Wonderful reprise of this classic tune from MFSB.

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samedi 16 février 2008

BOBBY DEMO "More ounce"

Rap cover of the ZAPP classic "More bounce to the ounce".

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SICLE CELL & RHAPAZOOTY "Rhapazooty in blue"

Another great cover of "Good Times" originally produced by Bernard Edwards & Niles Rogers. This time it's Patrick Adams at control for this long and good tune.

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vendredi 15 février 2008

THE LATEST "Starting over"

Hard to find and excellent funky tune !

Some selled or NM copies at reasonnable price @ Grooveonline (see below in the link section)

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FIRST LOVE "It's a mistery to me"

From Chicago this funky tune is a must have. If you don't like it, you don't like the whole genre !

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MONTANA SEXTET "South soul party mix"

From 1987, Vincent Montana produce more modern Disco, in fact House.

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DANNY GOLD "Throw down"

Straight from Virginia with that rough tune. It feels funk and self- made production, but pretty good and very rare.
Hard to find record.

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mardi 12 février 2008

ALEEM "Confusion"

More ALEEM at Willy world !
Wonderful mid-tempo electro tune still in the groove from the twins brothers + 1 aka the voice Leroy Burgess.

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THE MOVIES "Juke box" scene 1

Pure electro rap tune
Dance floor !

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dimanche 10 février 2008


Released in 1973 on Prestige, Records and produced by the French producer Pierre Jaubert. (1977) Re-released later on the 2xLP "Thumpin'".
ICE is Lafayette Hudson, Ronnie James, Arthur Young, Frank Abel, Larry Jones, Donny Donable, Kino Speller.

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lundi 4 février 2008