mardi 31 juillet 2007


Classic ! The best known Disco song from The Rolling Stones, listen is better than read...

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CREAM DE COCO "Disco strut"

On Free Spirit rec (a sub-label of Salsoul records), Tommy Stewart let his mind free with this sexy slow and distinguished tune.

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LOUIE VEGA featuring Blaze "Love is on the way"

Another beatiful tune from Mister Vega with Blaze and the Luis Quintero's percussions.

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LOUIE VEGA featuring The House of Rhumba "Steel Congo"

Beautiful tune from Mister Vega, deep as possible.

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COFFEE "Casanova"

Very good tune on De-Lite records knew as well for his smash hits band : Kool & The Gang.

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JEAN CARN "Was that all it was"

Great Disco tune from this American Jazz and Soul singer.

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LOVE UNLIMITED "High steppin', hip dressin' fella (you got it together)

Classic Disco tune from Barry White talented mind.

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Here it is a video of the Master with his orchestra with his "Love theme".

TASHA THOMAS "Shoot me (with your love)"

Died at 34 years old in 1984 due to a cancer, this tune is one of her best song from her wonderful LP "Midnight rendez-vous"

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lundi 30 juillet 2007

MAW featuring INDIA "I can't get no sleep"

Big big classic from the Masters at Work in 1993. A must have !

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ALI "Feelin' you"

Great UK garage tune !

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JOHNNY BRISTOL "Love no longer has a hold on me"

Wonderful Motown's producer/singer with one of his best song.

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dimanche 29 juillet 2007

Hollywood "Hollywood's message"

Rap cover of "Love is the message" by MFSB.

To the people who like plays with my balls and who are never happy, saddly it's a rip from a re-issue and maybe that the quality is not at top as a rip from an original copy. Sorry for that but I really would like bring to the people this tune. So it's not necessary to send me some messages about that. Go see a doctor misters anonymous...

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SHALAMAR "Right in the socket"

Very powerful Disco tune.

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FRANCINE McGEE "Feelin' good"

Obscur Canadian tune quasi only knew by the music collectors

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OUTPUT "Move for me"

Davy DMX at the production with Jerome Prister for this one shot tune.

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THE REAL THING "Can you feel the force ?"

1978 UK Disco straight from Liverpool.

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SECRET WEAPON "Must be the music"

Willy's club edit of this classic tune from Jerome Prister.

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HAMILTON BOHANNON "Let's start the dance"

It could be anything, BUT it's a promo acetate of a special unreleased Disco version used by few top DJs way back in the days.. I guess it's a Jonathan Fearing mix like the original or an edit from François K because even it's sound as the same thing as the original version, this one is edited differently. This version is about 2mn longer than the original with an amazing finish with only 2 guitars and percussions, never heard before.

Enjoy it !

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LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY "Crash goes love"

Loleatta Holloway, Arthur Baker and Shep Pettibone... No needs more to understand.
This is the Blaster mix

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BLACK BY DEMAND "Dearly beloved"

Black By Demand also released "Cant' get enough" (with Paul C), "In the mist of funk" and "All Rappers give up"

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samedi 28 juillet 2007

KOOL & THE GANG "Tonight's the night"

Very discret tune on the smash hits LP "Ladies night".

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JOE BATAAN "El rap-o-clap-o"

The video show us "Rap-o-clap-o" and this is the B-side more latino with some percussions.

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AHZZ "New York's movin"

Amazing underground Disco tune produced by Osborne Hunter. This is the vocal version only available on the 12".

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mercredi 25 juillet 2007

CC CREW "CC crew rap"

MC Shorty T, Sekey D, Derry D. released in 1980 on the Peter Brown's label

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MIDNIGHT STAR "No parking on the dance floor"

12" remix version of this electro funky tune very similar with "Freakshow" of The Bar Kays.

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Released in 1979. The Jazzy 4 Mcs are : Fly Sha-Rock, Shampoo, Mercury, Frankie Jay.

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mardi 24 juillet 2007

DIRECT CURRENT "Everybody here must party"

The three Clement's sisters (Deborah, Denise & Dorothy) from Philadelphia bring us their first single with this tune wrote by themselves.

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- vocal
- instrumental

DIRECT CURRENT "Direct current"

Straight from Philly, this group composed by the 3 sister Clement met the music world at the end of the 50's at the church with a gospel sound. Then came junior high, the school choir, the girls discovery of Rock & Roll and a list of talent show victories as long as your arm. This is their first LP, enjoy it !

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- Sweet Release
- Everybody here must party

- Boogie Man
- Nothing can stop us

CECIL PARKER "I've been missing your lovin"

Released in 1980 by Sam Peake Jr.

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CAPTAIN SKY "Concerned party #1"

Superb Funk LP in the direct line of Funkadelic, Parliament,... Bay area style from Philly !

Click on the both labels :

Side A
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Side B
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JOHN GIBBS with The Jam Band "J'ouvert"

Redirected link on My Favourite Sound 2's blog
where as I wrote, you can find a lot of good stuffs too. I did it for one reason and it's a good reason ! Just to see a maximum records from TEC records at the same place, at the same time ! We're on the web but those records are wonderful and even it's virtual what an orgasmic thing !

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JEAN WELLS "I just can't stop dancing"

These are the 2 versions of this wonderful tune from Jean Wells. Click on the both labels.

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LADY B "To the beat y'all"

Female Rap released in 1979 with the instrumental of "Everybody here must party" by Direct Current.

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lundi 23 juillet 2007

CELLOPHANE "Super Queen" "Dance with me (let's believe)"

Once again a space Walter Gibbons mix, with this strange tune, for advertised music fans !

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FREDERICK KNIGHT "Let me ring your bell again"

From DJ MIG1 from Belgium, this fantastic tune produced by Frederick Knight who produced "Ring my bell" for Anita Ward in 1976.

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Mr MAGIC "Potential 1980"

I've not this record and I think it'll be like this for longtime..!
2 weeks ago it was on e-bay with a start bid price of $750, amazing....

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FRANK HOOKER & Positive People "This feeling"

Gift from DJ MIG1 from Belgium with this nice Disco boogie tune.

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JIMMY SPICER "The bubble bunch"

Rap Classic from 1982 produced by Russel Simmons and mixed by John "Jellybean" Benitez.

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Classic 80's funk Hip Hop from GRP records (Dave Grusin & Larry Rosen).

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Eternal repect for Mister Mayfield with this wonderful tune from his first solo album.

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Use the Cymande "Bra" bassline for this wonderful early house tune.

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BROTHER "D" with Collective Effort "How we gonna make the Black Nation rise ?"

After a lot of party rap track, the black conscience re-appears in the Rap music with this tune who was in the first of the genre.

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CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR "Dancin" "Dreaming a dream (goes dancin)"

Superb 12" with flyin synth and wha wha guitar, drums break with hypnotic hi hats !

Click on the both labels !

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SOFT CELL "Tainted love/Where did our love go"

Famous cover of Gloria Jones's song and New Wave all time classic released in 1981.

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VAUGHAN MASON & CREW "Bounce, roll, skate, rock" part 1 & 2

Ultimate Hip Hop Funk classic that has stood the test of time. Many many times used for his legendary bassline. A must have, every records collector, music fan must have this masterpiece in their own collection, i-pod, whatelse..?

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dimanche 22 juillet 2007

CAVIAR "Never stop loving you"

Releasd in 1982 on Survivor records. No further informations.

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MANTUS "Rock it to the top"

It's my favorite track with a preference for the LP version. I've made an edit of it and I'll let it later.

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