vendredi 16 novembre 2007

POINT BLANK MC'S "What the party needs"

Released in 1986 on Beauty & the Beat, it's a Duke Booty production. Duke Booty is the man behind "The message" from Master Flash. Here it is 2 files, the long vocal mix and the Latin Rascals bonus beat.

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Monster Disco classic sampled by Paul Johnson for his "Doo wap"'s song.

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AMERICAN EXPRESS "Beat box on the loose"

Released in 1986, dope Beat Box tune !

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dimanche 11 novembre 2007

DEGREES OF MOTION "Do you want it right now"

Mid-tempo produced by Rich Jones with keyboard played by Eric Kuper. It's a kind of deep ambient tune in the mood of first Morales/Stansfield's tracks. Something like Massive Attack before Massive Attack. They used a Kool & The Gang drum loop.

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PAUL SIMPSON featuring ADEVA "Musical freedom"

It's what's happenned when a famous producer met a diva. A tune full of love !

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samedi 10 novembre 2007

UNLIMITED TOUCH featuring Audrey Wheeler "Reach out (everlasting lover)"

Still in the groove and in the electro's mood, Unlimited Touch gone Freestyle too.

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JAY NOVELLE "If this ain't love"

Full year for the electro latin tunes. Classic tune.

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dub mix

THE JOUBERT SINGERS "Stand on the word"

Is it not the coolest post in the world ? lol
2 files in !!!!
Tony Humphries mix and Larry Levan mix.

One of the best and biggest Disco gospel song ever made.

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CROWN HEIGHTS AFFAIR "Dance lady dance"

It starts to be collectible and at the beginning, this tune is very similar with the hit single "Fly robin fly".

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ELIJAH JOHN GROUP "Keep a little love for yourself"

Underground Disco classic. Long soulful track, about 8 minutes, with break, strings, vocals, bass line and wha wha guitar.

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dimanche 4 novembre 2007

THE PLAYGIRLS "Our picture of a man"

I love it !
Spyder D's production with Spaky D on the vocals.

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DOUG E FRESH "Play this only at night"

Classic ! This is the whole extended complete story mix... Enjoy.

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