jeudi 14 août 2008

KRAFTWERK "Trans-Europe express"

Out in 1977 from germany. "Trans-Europe express" was sampled by Arthur Baker and Bambaataa for their Hip Hop anthem "Planet rock"

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A1 Europe Endless (9:35)
A2 The Hall Of Mirrors (7:50)
A3 Showroom Dummies (6:10)

B1 Trans-Europe Express (6:40)
B2 Metal On Metal (6:52)
B3 Franz Schubert (4:25)
B4 Endless Endless (0:45)

FUNK FUSION BAND "Can you feel it"

We take the same and we did it again. This version is a re-working of Asphalt Jungle "Freakin' time". It's more Jazz-Funk with a slightly taste of Donald Byrd.

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ASPHALT JUNGLE "Freakin' time "part 1 & 2

Still in the TEC world, this is the contribution of DJ MIG1.

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MANDRILL "Dance of love"

The Wilson's brothers did it again !

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VICKI SUE ROBINSON "Turn the beat around"

This tune has supported the time and when you listen it now, it's still fresh.

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This is the cover from Gloria Estefan.