mercredi 30 décembre 2009

DJ Johnny O. "Love Dance part I"

DJ Johnny O. aka DJ NOAM aka Otti Deejay
Starting off as a DJ in the mid 80's with HipHop and Disco Funk playing mainly on parties and youth clubs. Entering the world of “Cosmic-Music” in the early 90's playing along the likes of Daniele Baldelli, Loda, Enne, Yano. Founder of underground Label “Global Rhythm Records” producing mainly Tribal and Cosmic Music including a couple of releases hitting the Italien Afro-Funky charts. Later on playing essentially House, Techno and Garage. Since 2004 hosting a monthly disco club night (Disco´s Not Dead, DiscoVery) in Munich spinning the holy Electro Cosmic Disco Shit with guests like Hans Nieswand, Dirt Crew, Petko, Risiko Boys, Permanent Vacation and hopefully soon the man with the masterplan Willy). Somehow comin` back to where my journey started…

Listen or download (right click), enjoy !

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Ray Mang – Prozac
Situation Edits – Pushin on
Raj Gupta – Sinthesis
Number One Ensemble – Back to Heaven
Jaz – Give some love
Phill and Friends Band – This Man
Dave Lee - Mellow Mellow Rap On
Lucci Capri – Creamy
Joey Negro – Botty Beats 2
Taxi Gang – BJ
Mr. Lee – Gonna Getcha
Soft Rocks – Double Gepardeu
Leo Zero – Just Dance

lundi 21 décembre 2009

THE "P" CREW "Party Rock"

Patrick Adams strikes again with this amazing tune and his lovely flyin' fly high synth solo !
You can break on or pop on !

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TIME ZONE "The wild style"

Def tune and foundation ! A must have.

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From the Estereo 7" single, this is the "Butti 49 Fuego fusion" remix on the Black Rio sampler, Strut records. Written by Chico-Carlos Lima in 1974 Odeon Brazil. This is a massive dance floor track.

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MIKE T "Do it any way you wanna"

You can find it (my own edit) in the "mix show" section : 80's rap mix 2.
Featuring Joe Thomas at saxophone. A must have record.

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BOLAJI "Masive material" &" Run 4 cover"

On Zakia records, this very expensive hard to find 12". Released in 1990 with those 2 tracks :
- Massive material
- Run 4 cover
First record from Bolaji Barber

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dimanche 20 décembre 2009

80's Rap mix 2

About 20'
It's a Funky-Disco Rap mix, from "Le Mix Superclasse" radio show. As usual it's live, real DJs takes two copies !

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Features :
MIKE T : Do it anyway you wanna (willy's live edit)
MASTER JAY & MICHAEL DEE :TSOB (willy's live edit)
LONNIE LOVE : Young ladies (willy's live edit)

RENA SCOTT "Super lover"

Very good Disco tune produced by James Mtume.

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mardi 15 décembre 2009

LOW PROFILE "Pay ya dues"

12" for promotional use and hard to find. Check on the Rap LP section for their LP.
The last track "The Dub B.U. just begun" is an unreleased track with amazing scratch from the KING DJ Alladin.

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Pay ya dues - vocal
Pay ya dues - instrumental

That Y they do it
The Dub B.U. just begun

lundi 14 décembre 2009

FINAL EDITION "I can do it (anyway you want)"

enjoy !

Original sample of "aNYway" by Duck Sauce

MIGHTY RYEDERS "(help us) Spread the message"

From Miami, out in 1978 on Sun Glo rec.
Amazing funk album. A must have highly collectable. Extremely hard to find even the re-editon from Luv' n Haight

One of my top ten rare groove album.

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Mighty Ryeders
Let There Be Peace
Evil Vibrations
Help Us Spread the Message
Everybody Groove
I've Really Got the Feeling
Fly Away With Me [Instrumental]
Star Children
Ain't That Away (To Spend Our Day)