mardi 31 mars 2009

THE MAIN ATTRACTION "(don't be) Lost for words"- Willy's edit

For Rap lovers !
It's a kind of electro "female" rap from 1985 with electric synthetizer bass and singing chorus.
Fantastic fresh track ! Enjoy it

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lundi 30 mars 2009

DANNY DARROW "Telephones"

Underground N.Y. Disco tune with flyin' synth as Patrick Adams as used.

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jeudi 26 mars 2009

JACKY MOON "love me sexy"

From the movie "Semi-pro" starring Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson and Andre Benjamin (Outkast). Produced by Niles Rogers from Chic.

This is the Sami Dee sweaty's edit.

Putting the funk into the dunk


Produced by Glenn Underground and remixed by Frankie Feliciano.

monsieurwilly instrumental edit

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original vocal version

mardi 24 mars 2009

LONNIE LISTON SMITH "Space princess" - Willy edit

This tune is demoniac with some Afro influences mixed with his own Jazz/Funk sound.
Reconstructed tune with this exclusive Willy edit club edition @ monsieurWilly world.

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Enjoy !

THE NEW-YORKERS "My baby knows (I like it)"

It's a remake of the 1977 disco song "My Baby Knows How to Do Her Thing" by Astor Forman and the Potentials. Here, it's a Disco boogie version with an instrumental B-side in form of continuation of the A-side.

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HARLEM WORLD CREW "Rappers convention"

First release of the duet on the instrumental of "Hooked on your love" by The Aleems.
Here the part 1 & part 2. Enjoy !

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KID FROST T.M.S. "Rough cut"

Electro Rap from West coast artist, Kid Frost (1st release). Not especially very expensive but hard to find and good tune.

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EDDY GRANT "Walking on sunshine"

It's not easy to describe it but only Eddy Grant could do that. Later The Rockers Revenge featuring Donnie Calvin re-covered it, in an electro classic stuff.

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KAJAGOOGOO "Too shy" - Willy dub edit

Early 80's UK New wave smash hit with this exclusive dub willy's edit !

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DURAN DURAN "The reflex" - Willy's edit

After 1979 (first Disco death) a new form of dance music went, the New Wave, sometimes a little bit dark, but sometimes full of energy. This is the Willy's edit of this death track mixed by Niles Rogers.
Some people doesn't understand this kind of music and ask me why I love Hip Hop and why I love this kind of shit, I love it because it's pure Dance Music, it something that is difficult to explain. What was a club in the eighties with the mix or edits of Shep Pettibone, Larry Levan, François Kervorkian, Latin Rascals, Arthur Baker, Jelly Bean,.... As a teenager and now as a DJ, it's impossible to forget that and the madness around. And remember that, it was essentially a gay culture, so, for some people, incompatible with the rap movement spirit. For me, to be simple, it's like two opposite youths in one generation. I remember when Marley Marl remixed Paula Abdul, Jelly Bean Benitez produced "The mexicanz" HipHop anthem and in the same time Madonna or when Arthur Baker remixed the Rolling Stones and produced with Bambaataa "Planet Rock" HipHop anthem... It was a mixed period.

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Keep the vibes alive, life is a dance.

lundi 23 mars 2009

DWAYNE OMARR "Save the children"

Announced at 4'22 but in fact 50 sec in less. Nice track with TR808 programing and where the MC do the job.

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TED TAYLOR "Ghetto disco" - Willy's edit

Seen on :
"..."Ghetto Disco" is an underground Disco track that gets better the longer you listen...."

That why i've made this edit to start from the better, loop it and to finish smooth.

Enjoy !

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EKO "Manyaka"

Totally ignored tune, but very good Afro-Disco from Cameroon. Judge by yourself.

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This is pratically the same group as THE ALEEMS featuring Leroy Burgess. The twins brothers decided to create this ephemer group because this song was recorded at the same session as "Hooked on your love" for an another label (Panorama) where THE FANTASTICS ALEEMS were in contract. In the same time, The Harlem World Crew recorded "Rappers convention". What a cession !

Released in 1980 on their own label : NIA records. The first press is with a gold label.
monsieurwilly classic party track !

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dimanche 22 mars 2009

DENNIS FERRER "Reach 4 freedom"

Sometimes, there is a song who comes back in your week, in your mind... You can find it for nothing, buy it, it's a great great tune.

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AIRPOWER "Welcome to the disco"

Kind of stuff of what only disco could bring to us. Long violin intro, perc break,... All is in. On the classic AVI label where you can find the classic "Cocomotion" from El Coco.

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vendredi 20 mars 2009

MICHAEL JACKSON "Get on the floor" - Willy's edit

Extract from one of the biggest album ever, this discrete track is aslo the B-side of the "Beat it" 12".
Here it is, a club edit made by myself.
I hope this edit could give it a new life on the dance floor.

monsieurwilly classic party track !

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enjoy it in stereo !

GWEN McCRAE "Funky sensation"

Hard to find and classic 12" from Miss McCrae. No more words needed.

Enjoy !

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SUPER 3 "Philosophy rappin' spree"

Ripped from an original copy at 320 Kb. Just 500 copies were pressed.

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BOBBY CASH REDD "Skate - Party people"

Great obscur funky track. One of the band is Frank Abel from Lafayette Afro Rock Band. Cats don't give dogs... Listen it and enjoy.
Pop-Lockers are not so far.

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jeudi 19 mars 2009

CE CE ROGERS "All join hands" - Willy's edit

You must listen it.
I don't care if you think or if you don't like House music, that's the BIG THING !!!
Good Music is good music. Keep the vibe alive with one of the greatest voice of Dance music.

See the cast :

Engineer - John Poppo
Vocal : Ce Ce Rogers
Flute - Paul Shapiro
Keyboards - Satoshi Tomiie , Terry Burrus
Percussion - Bashiri Johnson , David Morales
Producer - Ce Ce Rogers
Remix, Producer [Additional] - David Morales

This is the Willy's edit.

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KLEEER "Keep your body workin'"

A part of this group is well known under the name of Universal Robot Band. Advanced 12" before the LP "I love to dance".

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KABBALA "Ashewo ara"

A timeless slice of African Disco from Ghana by Michael Osapanin. This track is based on a rhythmic structure called Asewa and incorporating elements of Osibi music (as well known as Western funk). Recorded in 1982 at London.

Straight from my party bag records, a Willy's classic

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PETER BROWN "Burning love breakdown"

This is an Hypnotic track and it was mixed by dubbing and overdubbing on a 4-track tape recorder in Peter's bedroom. It's on the B-side of the 12" of the smash hit disco track "Do ya wanna get funky with me". The 12" version (on TK Disco ) was the first 12" single to go gold (sell one million).
Not to be confused with the Peter Brown of P&P records who's working in New York with Patrick Adams, Peter Brown is a Miami disco artist signed to the Drive label (a sub-label of TK productions).

monsieurwilly classic party track !

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GOODY GOODY "Super jock"

Vince Montana's family's band with his daughter Denise.

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ORS "Moon-boots"

Not the typical sound from Salsoul Records, this cosmic tune was produced by Tom Moulton on his own Salsoul's sub-label "Tom 'n' Jerry".

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mardi 17 mars 2009

CHILLY "For your love" - Willy's edit

German production and great disco tune. It's a cover of the Yardbird's song. I've edited by canceled the 2 bridges in, because, from my personnal point of view, as the song is good as the bridges are wacks !

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MANDRE "Mandre"

1977, first LP on Motown for Mandre, it's a kind of space Disco with high fly synth funk mixed with a flavor of P.Funk. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince used "Solar flight" for a title on their LP "He's the DJ, I'm the rapper". Check too, "Soldier of Twilight" in the House section.

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MICHELE "Disco dance" - Willy's edit

Willy's edit of this wonderful tune.

Produced by the french producer Pierre Jaubert who produced The Lafayette Afro Rock Band, Ice, Chantal Curtis and many many others... It's a Tom Moulton mix and it's the Lafayette Afro Rock Band members who play behind. A must !

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T CONNECTION "At midnight" - Willy's edit

Willy's edit of this Miami classic Disco tune.

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BLACK GOLD "C'mon stop"

B side and long version on this promo copy produced in 1983 on Prelude.
Produced before the 80's it was a magical tune, produced later in the 80's it'll be an amazing house track even those are the same thing... Difficult to describe, make your own opinion and dance !

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lundi 16 mars 2009


House production from UK but funky as hell !
When it cames, it was as if Prince had finally made an amazing good new track ! lol

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jeudi 12 mars 2009

Mr P & THE STAR SKATE CREW "Roller skate rap"

Even the title make you think about Vaughan Mason's tune, it's not a rap cover of the famous "Bounce, rock, skate, roll". Dope electro rap track produced in 1985.

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MADONNA "Everybody"

Later it became a classic and high in demand from Madonna and from the eighties. Produced by Mark Kamins in 1982.
This is the vocal and the instrumental dub version.

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mercredi 11 mars 2009

OUTLAW 4 "Million dollar legs"

Produced in 1980 by Pumpkin, the members are Disco Rick & Basic.

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- vocal
- instrumental

MUSCLE SHOALS HORNS "Dance to the music"

Down tempo but very powerful and funky !

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EXODUS "Together forever"

Many times compiled but always the dub version. If you're a Google users, you know it ! Here it is, the vocal version.
The problem with the Rare grooves Disco compilation is that they haven't all the records, so they search to the left to the right and there is a lot of records for which they can't find a deal about the copyright.
Released in 1982 on Charlotte Amalie and in 1983 on TMT rec.

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mardi 10 mars 2009

AFRICAN SUITE "African suite"

Produced by Richie Rome who produced Ritchie Family. It's a delirious Afro trip in Disco era. The B-side is a one file with 4 tracks in. It was criminal to cut and edit it.

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In the pocket/Vibes/Young stuff/African suite reprise


What a wonderful thing if you don't know this song. You'll have a great pleasure in few minutes. From the Lp "Night Rider" produced by Patrick Adams, Ken Morris and Leroy Burgess. The last one produced this tune and we can hear him in the chorus. A great thing...

Enjoy !

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LICKY "African rock"

Great track with synthé and saxophone solos. Amazing to dance. Produced by Peter Brown, the "P" of P&P, the other one was Patrick Adams.

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LOVE EXCHANGE "Got to find a disco"

From the "Red Greg records" sublabel "Dance Disk". This is an underground classic hard to find produced and arranged by Greg Carmichael in 1978. Everything in this track is rough with high energy.

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enjoy !

lundi 9 mars 2009

ONE ON ONE "Body music"

All is in the title...

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