vendredi 26 décembre 2008

SPECIAL FORCE "Metropolitan transit authority"

One of my favorite rap record. There are two 12" with the same jacket and the same label but the versions are slightly differents, released in 1986.
I've heard it for the first time on the radio, it was on Radio 7 in the RLP's show where DJ Dee Nasty played regulary. I've recorded it and no name during more than 15 years, one day I met Dee Nasty and I asked to him what it is, he can't remember but he told me, "I know what it is, let me some time". Few months later, Dee Nasty was invited at the radio show where I mixed (with DJ Asko) and he brings me a CD where he recorded the track. Wonderful, 18 years later, this track was mine ! I've started to looking for but impossible to find. I talk to myself, that the kind of expensive record on e-bay and chip at N.Y. Later I'm gone to N.Y., I was in Brooklyn and the first shop, the first search, I find it for $3,99, a dream... Now I've 2 copies that how I know for the differents mixes.

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enjoy it

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marc a dit…

Thats story with Deenasty is so cool!!! I went to see him at a party in Montmartre last saturday. He only played old school joints it was banans. I have so much respect for him and what he has done for Hip Hop in France. Too bad nobody recognise it.

Your blog is the best. I started to listen to rap in 89 so with your blog I feel I am edcuating myself to the ^periode that I missed (pre8ç) but who is DOPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Thansk a lot!!!!!!!!!!


Mamarc Dee a dit…

Alors la m'sieur Willy tu fais tres fort...j'pense pas avoir ré-entendu depuis Radio 7 ! je kiffais ca et Shaquan (don't fess) Mc Tony Tee (get busy) Dj Romeo & The Everloving mcs (Revenge) Fresh Gordon (gordy's groove)!!!j'te parle de ces titres parce que si ma memoire est bonne il faisaient tous parti d'un set a Dee Nasty qui m'avait traumatisé !Encore merci

monsieurwilly a dit…

Yo, mamarc dee va dans la section "mix show", il y a des sets dans ce genre.

Bon kiff !

Anonyme a dit…

Superbe histoire de noël, Dans mon top 3, tu arrives sans problème en pole position devant Si noel m'était conté, Le Père Noël contre St Nicholas et les Mères Noël buttnaked. Bravo, félicitations


monsieurwilly a dit…

Les mères Noël buttnaked 2 est bien meilleur, elles sont contre Buttman de the ultimate work out

monsieurwilly a dit…

Sinon, à part te foutre de moi, la soupe est bonne ici ?

brakes a dit…

this one went to quick for me... please upload! thanks

db1233 a dit…

Il y a une histoire derriere chaque disque, celle ci est terrible !!!