vendredi 30 janvier 2009

TUMBLACK "Tumblack"

French production, this Afro group was produced and arranged by Yves Hayat under love and energy life of the creator Paco Rabanne.
It's a hard to find record like a lot of Afro stuff.
It missed the a3 track, because it's a track with only speaks during about 6 minutes.

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enjoy !

6 commentaires:

Trag a dit…

This is one gem of been looking for, for awhile. Thanks!!!!!!

bbroke a dit…

thanks a lot for sharing this one!!

i'm also interested in track A3 -- would you mind uploading it seperately?

Crotchbat a dit…

Fantastic upload, Willy! Thanks!

oyilla a dit…

damn willy this caraiba (b3+b4) is a chooooon

lucas a dit…

i bought this record in hong kong 3 years ago in a mint condition for almost nothing and i like it very much. great afro beats that shake your ass off!

Anonyme a dit…

wery rare ! thanks so much !