mardi 24 mars 2009

DURAN DURAN "The reflex" - Willy's edit

After 1979 (first Disco death) a new form of dance music went, the New Wave, sometimes a little bit dark, but sometimes full of energy. This is the Willy's edit of this death track mixed by Niles Rogers.
Some people doesn't understand this kind of music and ask me why I love Hip Hop and why I love this kind of shit, I love it because it's pure Dance Music, it something that is difficult to explain. What was a club in the eighties with the mix or edits of Shep Pettibone, Larry Levan, François Kervorkian, Latin Rascals, Arthur Baker, Jelly Bean,.... As a teenager and now as a DJ, it's impossible to forget that and the madness around. And remember that, it was essentially a gay culture, so, for some people, incompatible with the rap movement spirit. For me, to be simple, it's like two opposite youths in one generation. I remember when Marley Marl remixed Paula Abdul, Jelly Bean Benitez produced "The mexicanz" HipHop anthem and in the same time Madonna or when Arthur Baker remixed the Rolling Stones and produced with Bambaataa "Planet Rock" HipHop anthem... It was a mixed period.

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Keep the vibes alive, life is a dance.

2 commentaires:


un son qui m'avait plus des la sortie ,
j aimerais ecouter ton edit but

the link is décapito!


thk's pour le rechargement .

Toujours la clas' duran duran ,
malgres les années ce son envoi
toujours ce qu'il faut et avec la
touch' de ton edit on repart dedans avec enormement de plaisir ;

Nick Rhodes a fait quand meme tres fort !
Tu n'aurais pas retravailler
' the wild boys' que j adorre egallement ;
la new wave du milieu 80 c'est geant , un titre me restera a jamais ' lord of the new chuch - dance with me 'en maxi c'est...

encore merci & asap with your edit.