lundi 11 juin 2007


Remix version of this classic track from the LP "Follow the leader". Remixed by CJ Macintosh & Dave Dorrell

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visuals a dit…

Monsierwilly:.....Man, You made me extremely happy when I saw this posted here! I had this 12" back in the day but lost it in a fire along with MANY other vinyls. My favorite song on the 12" was unfortunately, not "The R" but the remix of "In The Ghetto". I used to play that cut to death! It was my ridin' music. Is there any way to have that side of the single posted here? You would make a brother VERY happy if I could only hear it again.

I did happen to run across yet another remix of "In The Ghetto" but it just wasn't as good as the one from this 12". If you can help in any way, It's appreciated. If I can help you in any way, Plz don't hesitate to ask.


monsieurwilly a dit…

On my 12" no "In the ghetto" remix, but "just a beat". I've the promo 12" of "in the ghetto" but it's the same version as the album : 5,22mn.
I've not "in the ghetto" remix but I can ask to a friend of mine.