samedi 16 juin 2007

GANG-STARR "Just to get a rep" "Who's gonna take the weight"

After an ignored first Lp, Gang-Starr's back with this forthcoming 12" extract from "Step in the arena" LP. Until now "Who's gonna take the weight" is still a dope classic in Rap Hystory as the LP where it comes from. "Who's gonna take the weight" is a sample of Maceo Parker "Party", "Just to get a rep" is a sample of the French composer Jean-Jacques Perrey "E.V.A.

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Just to get a rep : vocal - instrumental - a cappella

Who's gonna take the weight : vocal - instrumental

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Jeremy.London,England a dit…

Whose gonna take the weight is my fave Gangstarr tune..BAD !!!!..Thanks again