samedi 30 janvier 2010


Typical eleventh LP on a top ten list. It'll be impossible to stop at ten when you'll put an ear on it !
Released in 1976 on Ju-Par records, two released the same year with same track listing but different cover.

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A1 Funky Music
A2 Beauty And The Beast
A3 Time
A4 Chicago Calypso

B1 Mocha Velvet
B2 Is Anyone Listening
B3 Flute Salad
B4 Gotta Get-A-Way

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Anonyme a dit…

thank you very much for this classic - you have a very nice blog here - i am shure you play a wicked dj-set! love from francis

Stepin a dit…

Thanks. I've just arrived on this blog and i'm about to listen to some of your Vynil, this one first !
750 dl for only 1 comment !!
Thank you so much for sharing Mr Willy

Vinyl Room a dit…

Has the link gone? can't find it.


Anonyme a dit…

No download, nice, I love wasting my time.

monsieurwilly a dit…

Sorry, it works with me

I love wasting my time too with check link..!

Vinyl Room a dit…

Works for me now, many thanks.