samedi 2 juin 2007

K9 POSSE "K9 posse"

Produced by Bobcat, who have produced for LL Cool J too. Out in 1988.

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This Beat Is Military
Ain't Nothin To It
Somebody's Brother Co-producer - Nile Rodgers
It Gets No Deeper
No Stoppin Or Standin Between The Rhyme
Tough Cookie
Say Who Say What
This Is The Way The Quick Cut Goes
No Sell Out
Turn That Down

2 commentaires:

thesupremeunknown a dit…

Man, people are sleeping on this one! "This Beat is Military", "Ain't Nothin' to it" and "No Sell Out" are heavy classics. This is one of my favourite forgotten LPs from the 80s. Great to see this up on here!

Old School C a dit…

I remember This Beat Is Military from Im Gonna Get You Sucka. Classic album brotha.