lundi 18 juin 2007

MICHAEL LONGO "900 shares of the blues"

the A-side is Jazz-Funk and the B-side is more traditionnal Jazz with a title slitghly latino Jazz. Wonderful LP with lot of original sample, see the cast :
Michael Longo, Joe Farrell, Ron Carter, Randy Brecker, Mickey Roker, Georges davis and Ralph McDonald.
Released in 1974 on Groove Merchant.

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a1- 900 shares of the blues
a2- Like a thief in the night
a3- Ocean of his might

b1- Magic number
b2- Summer gone
b3- El moodo grande

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cheeba a dit…

Great LP! Been playing "Like A Thief" out for years and ALWAYS get asked what it is.

I just posted a compilation with that track on it that I think you'll enjoy:

I also mentioned and linked to this post. Your blog has some deep disco and old school diamonds, it's dope!! Thanks for sharing your crates!