samedi 30 juin 2007

Willy's African Selection 3

Following of the adventure with this third selection of my Afro/Carribean tunes.
Featuring West Indies, Ghana, France, Senegal, Cameroon, Nederland, Nigeria.

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MANU DIBANGO : Afro-soul
OBO ADY : Moko n'ye omo ni oba
LIJADU SISTERS : Orere-elejigbo
EKO : M'ongele m'am
BLACK SOUL : Dakar sound
SAPODILLA PUNCH : Hold on, I'm coming
BLACK BLOOD : Omeo e pati, Omeo e pala
KALYAN : Disco reggae

11 commentaires:

Mr B a dit…

this EKO track, like the others you posted, is just a real trip man, i'm hooked on them !!!!!

MORE EKO please !!!!

you're blog make history in DANCE music !!

monsieurwilly a dit…

You're right man, Louis "EKO" is the man !
And about history... We'll see that later, those records prepsire History and as a DJ they still alive. Spread the message !

Francesco a dit…

Very Great Selection!
Can't wait for the next one!


monsieurwilly a dit…

It coming soon !

Mr B a dit…

buddy : this m'ongele m'am by EKO just drives me nuts, and not only me actually. It has an amazing moog-trumpet-keys rythmic!
I would give all for that track with perfect sound. Could you make a special post at 320kbps ? this track deserves it.



monsieurwilly a dit…

I spend a lot of time to ripped my records and I give that with quality sound (all are at 256 kb), some are at 192 because they were already in my computer. I've looked in others blogs, generally they give that at 128 kb because they don't really share, they show only.

monsieurwilly a dit…

M'ongele m'am at 320kb

Mr B a dit…


1-your 256 kbps is just perfect (as your blog), you must have a good sound system i guess

2-i don't know how to thank you for this rip. it's damm good, the percussion is so much vibrant. Actually : ask me for any dope you'e been looking at, i'll check in my vinyl shelves and around with my funky friends.

BIG RESPECT to dirty Will again (sorry to repeat myself)

monsieurwilly a dit…

Thx man ! a dit…

mr.willy, please upload this killer tune ''Eko'' - M'ongele m'am@320kbps again, this link on zshare is notworking no more, thanks, your blog rocks !

monsieurwilly a dit…