mardi 3 juillet 2007

AZOTO "San Salvador"

Wonderful ! Here it is the full 12" on Vedette records. This is typically a Willy's Disco classic because I play it since 18 years and believe me it was not evident to play it when all the people was saying "...Disco sucks..!".
When I started to play more Disco tunes in my set, this record was in the first selection and since still in my party bag even it's better know since the Disco Spectrum compilation by Joey Negro. Anyway... He brings me like other tracks a fresh touch because as HipHop DJ, I was playing a lot the Ultimate Breaks and Beats collection. I've bought my first copy on Ramshorn label for a marriage in 1988 ! Because it was funny and latino, that's all.
The following year I was in Italy with school and on a street-market at Milano, I've found an original copy. I say to myself, why not more cheap than the Ramshorn copy, when I was back at home, few days later, I've listened it and it definitly blowned my mind and since always with me. I remember during several years when I was playing the promotors or the people was waiting for my Latin Disco selection, it was the good days... lol

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