mardi 24 juillet 2007

DIRECT CURRENT "Everybody here must party"

The three Clement's sisters (Deborah, Denise & Dorothy) from Philadelphia bring us their first single with this tune wrote by themselves.

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- vocal
- instrumental

3 commentaires:

Fracazzo da Velletri a dit…

Only you Willy can do this...thx for the instrumental version !!!! One more time : Monsieur the magnifique!!!! JazzyPier

SadGranddaughter1 a dit…

wow. its really amazing to actually see that my grandmothers ( Dorothy ) stories of how her and her sisters singing group had been on top and "ripped off"were sadly true.
if you don't mind, is it possible for you to tell me where you cot that CD from?

monsieurwilly a dit…

It's not from a Cd but ripped from my vinyl.