lundi 16 juillet 2007


Produced by Ian Levine, this groove is very similar at the "Running away" by Roy Ayers. An ignored tune who earn to be known.

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Mr B a dit…

mmm good disco as we love it!

mr W i got a question for you : check this amazing mix by EBONY (on WWW.EBONYCUTS.COM). this is mix n°39, the best they did so far. check track n°3 after Monkey magic and after the japanese disco diva track. It's a kind of latin-disco track where the singer talks about a willow man.. IT"S A PURE BOMB !! maybe you know that track? Or can anybody tell me what this dope is?!!


Mr B a dit…

buddy : got the answer Willow man by willow band and f... hard to find 12" on EPIC

quotes 00's price

in your shelves?

monsieurwilly a dit…

Not in my collection, I can see that with some friends, but it seems you're right, it's a hard to find piece.