lundi 16 juillet 2007

FATHER MC "Everything's gonna be alright"

Good party tune with "Good times" of Chic bassline loop from 1992 (the golden age).

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3 commentaires:

GIST a dit…

Thanks for this man!

Anonyme a dit…

Hey man, I totally, totally, totally respect your music ear and appreciation. And I'm sooo thankful to have found your blog... luv it!!! But Father MC, ugh!!! Most real Hip Hop heads here don't dig that dude. But hey, a party is a party and a fun song is a fun song. I just have to say, yeah, he may be a father, but he's no MC. LOL Thanks again for the music!

monsieurwilly a dit…

Nobody's perfect !! lol

....I use the instrumental for the loop.