mardi 18 novembre 2008

GOGO LORENZO & The Davis Pinckney Project "You can dance (if you want to)"

I love this track since the first time I've heard, 19 years ago, it was on Radio 7.
I've still the tape ! The vocal gimmick comes from Men Without Hats "safety dance" an eighties New Wave club classic.

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3 commentaires:

jerome green a dit…

Hi Willy,

This is hot! I haven't heard it before. Thank you.

Peace, Jerome

Disco D a dit…

I have this on 12 and 7 inch single.
Great track, big with DJs at the time. Think it went Top 40 in the UK, too?

Overlooked over the years, though.
So, good call!

Can you please use zippyshare, mediafire or
as zshare are problematic and inconsistent these days. ihaven't been able to download one of your mp3s! :(

Tim a dit…

I miss your posts, Willy!