mercredi 16 juin 2010

INGRAM "That's all"

Released in 1977. I love this album between free Funk, Space Disco with a Psychedelic touch, easy listening. All tracks are goods and differents but this album is coherent from A to Z.
"Mi Sabrina tequana" is a dope Space Disco tune (no doubt one of the best ever), "That's all" is funky enough, and many more...
You've got to listen it, because it's an ignored LP in fact.
In my top ten rare grooves LP, I would like to be buried with !

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a1 Intro
a2 Everybody Get Up And Get Down (Easy Dancing)
a3 Get Your Stuff Off
a4 I Don't Want To Be Alone
a5 That's All
a6 Would You Be Surprised

b1 Music Has The Power
b2 I Just Wanna Testify
b3 Mi Sabrina Tequana (My Sister's Daughter) - (Willy's note : A++++++++++++ !!!!)
b4 Stylin' Profylin'
b5 Dedication

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soup a dit…

monsieurwilly, found you though myfavsounds.

i had this album before i changed continents and gave all of my vinyl away. thanks for helping a brother recap his better days ;-)

Anonyme a dit…

Hey! This LP is fantastic..thank u very much for sharing it.

visuals a dit…

Gonna try this Monsieurwilly strictly on the strength of your taste so far! I have seen it around in the past but never got the chance to get into it.

visuals a dit…

Good taste Monsierwilly. I can't beleive that I am the first to comment on this but I am honored. Here, I tried a group that I had never heard of based solely on your enthusiasm of the album. I feel a strong energy present on this album.....sort of like what I felt when I first heard groups such as Black Heat, Sound Experience or maybe Exit 9.

At times they remind me of Mandrill with the brass (which is always welcome in my opinion). There were also times when I felt a little early Santana (again, always welcome) due to the organ & guitar....especially on Mi Sabrina Tequana! Another thing I like about this is the drumming. Very tight traps with plenty of dynamics with percussion in tow. Very nice! The album flows along smoothly while showing off the band's muliple styles. Plenty of funk here and even though I hate to keep bringing up Philly in all my posts, but there are moments when Gamble & Huff should feel proud! I definately respect your taste brother! This is MY kind of funk too, No doubt. Thanks for the turn-on of this lost gem.

monsieurwilly a dit…

Thx man, appreciated your enthousiasm and all your posts. "Mi sabrina tequana" is a dope unknown track, killer on the dance floor !

Anonyme a dit…

Salut Monsieur Willy.
Je viens juste de découvrir ton blog, très sympa...
Dommage qu'il n'y ait plus de liens (la "chasse" aux "méchants pirates" semble reprendre du poil de la bête, ces temps-ci...), parce que le Ingram, il me semblait bien tentant...
Si jamais tu as le temps de le remettre, ça sera un grand plaisir pour moi...
Sinon, ben tant pis, je repasserai toujours avec plaisir sur tes pages.
Bon courage !


the saucer people a dit…

Willy, just letting you know that the link "" for Ingram's 'That's All' 1977 album has expired...luckily the zShare links on the other posts all seem to be fine so far.

I did find a couple of other links to this album on the net, they were both at 55megs at 192 bitrate so I was wondering if this was your original rip that other people had posted elsewhere?

If not, is it possible to repost the album as its absolutely mindblowing in its cosmic scope. I love the way it crosses and melts minute its heavy afro-funk then its gentle psych-pop-folk before rawking out!
"Mi sabrina tequana" is one hell of a track, an object lesson in how to make a classic cosmic disco track.

This is one hell of a "best kept secret" kind of record and I appreciate you sharing it with the world for free! I will defintely spread the word on this album and where I discovered it!

monsieurwilly a dit…

My rip is 256 from my record like others rip, all from my records collection.

soulie a dit…

Nice to have you back wills,and how,this is a top lp with quite a diverse tune selection.
That's All does it for me big time a real floor filler,if it seems you and the some of the others like
Mi Sabrina Tequana (My Sister's Daughter can be bought on an up to date digital version on the VARIOUS ARTISTS - SPACED OUT CD ON (BY Disorient LABEL).
I knew when i heard it on your blog that i heard it before (top tune),i think AL KENT,has used THAT'S ALL,on on of his mixes or CDs.


the jazzstronaut a dit…

Monsieurwilly, thanks for this excellent LP.

Anonyme a dit…

Thx a lot 4 this one, mate. An absolute killer from start to finish! Keep up the good work, fella!

Anonyme a dit…

I heard the track "My Sister's Daughter" you recommend first through a cover version by Street Corner Symphony released in 2000 and then later found this on some compilation. But it is so great that to have this as a whole album. Many thanks Willy. Keep up the great work and love your site. Always a new treasure with every one of your posts.

monsieurwilly a dit…

Thx !!