mardi 17 mars 2009

MANDRE "Mandre"

1977, first LP on Motown for Mandre, it's a kind of space Disco with high fly synth funk mixed with a flavor of P.Funk. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince used "Solar flight" for a title on their LP "He's the DJ, I'm the rapper". Check too, "Soldier of Twilight" in the House section.

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andrew a dit…

no doubt it's also here Daft Punk got their robot mask concept ;)

monsieurwilly a dit…

For sure man !

Zerone a dit…

man- you know mandré "two"- the album of 1978? similar to this one!

Anonyme a dit…

Yooooo... been wonderin where Jazzy Jeff got this shit since I copped that album in like 89!!! THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!!!!

Anonyme a dit…

hi monsieur willy, thanks for the music. it's always good to hear the music first you're going to buy after.

Zachary a dit…


I'd love to download this Mandre -
is there a link posted - I can't seem to find one

Anonyme a dit…

Just discovered your wonderful blog, but some of the links are not working, like this one. Do you think you can fix it?

Anyway thanks for a brilliant blog