lundi 23 juillet 2007

Mr MAGIC "Potential 1980"

I've not this record and I think it'll be like this for longtime..!
2 weeks ago it was on e-bay with a start bid price of $750, amazing....

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dirtyhans a dit…

There is no instrumental on this. The b side is Mr. Magic Coast 2 Coast.

This was also released on the Stones Throw Comp. "The Third Unheard" and the version that was featured on the comp was an edited version because Mr. Magic himself didnt like his own singing that you can hear on the beginning of the record.

"The Third Unheard" was also released as an instrumental album, wich also featured an edited instrumental version of the song.

I think you have posted the Stones Throw versions..

Great blog btw!

monsieurwilly a dit…

Seen on another post comment, the original version :