mercredi 28 décembre 2011

SOUTH BRONX "The big throwdown"

Released in 1980 and later, in 1981 licensed to Brunswick records. Same thing as the other track, def rap and instrumental, it plays well behind !!!!

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WorldwideGrooves a dit…

"The Big Throwdown", by South Bronx, made music history. It was one of the FIRST rap records to have lyrics about international political issues. MIKE SERRETTE performed a powerful rap, in which he mentioned dependency on foreign oil, as well as a lack of jobs because of imported products. These topics were practically unheard of in rap records at that time. (By the way... there are copies of the record, first released by Rissa-Chrissa, that are dated 1980.) The Brunswick copies came out in 1981. "The Big Throwdown" and South Bronx were ahead of their time!