lundi 27 août 2007

INTERVIEW "Salut les salauds"

French Funk/Old school rap in the DJ's style rappin'. For some it's kitch for others it's a must. Judge by yourself :

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english version

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Anonyme a dit…

Oh ouiiii ! More French grooves pleaaase ! Anyway thanks a lot for this one.

oliver a dit…

Good to have you back! Keep 'em coming! Talking about more French stuff (always welcome!)

Request: Black Devil - complete Disco Club lp - this would be much appreciated.


LekkS a dit…

sounds delicious! Willy - do not shy to post music in french - it is not a kitch, there is just too much charm in it))))

Basto a dit…

Salut Willy, une legere preference pour la version Us, quoi que !? lol

christophe a dit…

sympathique découverte ce titre

GeeeFlat a dit…

Ha HA HA! :D Je me souviens de qaund ce titre est sorti et de la melodie!!!! Bien Vu! (mais effectivement tres kitsch! which is nice!)

Very good Blog!