mercredi 15 août 2007

LAURIN RINDER & W. MICHAEL LEWIS "Envy (animal fire)

Legendary and genius producers who produced group such as El Coco, Le Pamplemousse, Tuxedo Junction, Saint- Tropez and many others. 12" version of this tune available on short version on their LP 'Seven deadly sins)

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4 commentaires:

oliver a dit…

Sheer class. I really dig Rinder and Lewis. Thanks a lot for this extended version! More Rinder/Lewis 12" action would be greatly appreciated... And if you ever get around to post some THP stuff, I'll be digging that too.
By the way, what does one have to do to get access to IT DONT STOP these days? When I got back from my holidays it suddenly was a"gated community". Bummer.

Keep up the great work!

monsieurwilly a dit…

"And it don't stop" gone private.
Others kind of stuffs will come soon.

Enrique a dit…

my god, this track is amazing.

ced a dit…

as usual rinder & lewis...formidables !