lundi 10 septembre 2007

BEST FRIEND AROUND "It's so good to know"

Another exciting production from Harlem crew !

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Bob.......... a dit…

dope, dope, dope blog........educating and entertaining me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

many thanks,


oliver a dit…

Fine record recently comped on "Deep Disco Culture" collection. These guys really had it going on. What about "Shout at the disco"(hope I got the title right), Little Scottys other record?
Speaker rattling... a good song to let your neighbours know you're home.

Fine as wine.

DROK a dit…

nabbed this too, i'll get back to leaving some FB, once i get a chance to spin it, TIA!

Anonyme a dit…

just found this blog + i am really impressed by the selection you've amassed. great taste!