samedi 26 janvier 2008

Z-3 MC'S "Triple threat"

Post n° 600 !!!!!!

Produced by Duke Booty who's also produced the lengendary "The message". Beauty and the beat is one of the best Rap records label.
Here the vocal & the bonus.
Enjoy !

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thesupremeunknown a dit…

Absolutely Amazing! Can't thank you enough for this one Willy. I definitely owe you one but not sure what I can owe you with the collection you already have. My neighbours are gonna be pissed pretty soon once I crank this classic!

DungeonDJ a dit…

Your link has been added. Thank you.

visuals a dit…

Another classic! I see right now that you hold a great deal of gems in your dj crates! When I first moved from Ga. to Philadelphia this was one of THE FIRST 12" records that I bought when I touched down in Philly back in 85' 86' maybe? (gettin' old)

I bought it merely because I was familiar with the 12" sticker art from the Z-3 MC's labelmates, "DJ Cheese & Word Of Mouth. They had the classic "King Kut" which I owned on this same lable as a 12" and then they had another version on Profile that had a couple alternate mixes. Man, You're bringing back some memories of my youthful past!

Thanx Monsieur