lundi 7 avril 2008

AFRO CUBAN BAND "Something's gotta give"

Musician studio group formed by Michael Zager, this tune is the original of the Kid Capri's production "soundtrack of the street" performed by NAS.

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Jimmy a dit…

hi there willy, been a fan of your blog for some time now, just wanted to give a massive thanks for sharing your fantastic collection and keep up the great work!

Anonyme a dit…

Hello,Monsieur !
Its gettin creazy ... a human drama ... after takin music from you for so long and happy time I was about to big you up FINALLY ... ONLY to find this comment above by jimmy ... I am tellin you - we are on a same trip - COS THE TRUTH IS > MONSIEUR IS THE GREATEST OF THEM ALL !!! THANK U SO MUCH , WILLY ! Virtually droppin you the tune Wonderful Person by Black Masses to celebrate you ,Willy , and your blog! I am tellin you - after a while I started to put all of your tunes innto one MONSIEUR FOLDER in my pc - its now big AND ITS IS ALL A FUNKIEST , MOST EXELENT continous compilation of hot music ever - YOU ARE THE DON DJ,WILLY ! Tell you more - everytime I listen to the music from my WILLYs folder girls get groovy and wanna copy it all - they dont know the names and how much it cost but they just feel the force of MONSIEUR !
1000 Volts of my respect , love , thanks and gratitude to MONSIEUR !
Russian guy Vadjah

Anonyme a dit…

Hello!Its gettin creazy here...a human drama...After long and happy time of takin music from you Willy I FINALLY was makin my mind to thank you and big you up...ONLY to find this comment by Jimmy...we are on the same trip...And its so say THANK YOU WILLY ! FINALLY YET ETERNALLY TOO ! AS YOU AND YOUR BLOG ARE THE FUNKIEST OF THEM ALL! Very soon I started to put all the downloads I got from you in one folder as I saw that post after post - it all makin a hottest continous compilation of best music around ! All about your blog is comin in sharp style plus its sweet and funky as it has never been done before!The Don DJ Monsieur IS ! Everytime I play music from my MONSIEUR folder on PC and girls are around they all go booom! and in this way say the TRUTH - Monsieur is like no other!
Thank you so much for all again !
My best funkofied wishes!
Your russian fan Vadjah

PS Two questions 1.Do I think correct or not - TEC records despite the big catalogue numbers in reality only got but dozen releases - most of them are posted on your blog?
2.If you have Conrad Benjamin record Saturn on Nebula Records from 1982 and if so - can you post it?Or any info on that artist is welcomed - I only have one song and love it so much.Thank You!

Vadim a dit…

Dear Willy!Its gettin creazy here... a human drama!I was about to FINALLY say THANK YOU after so long and happy time of takin music from find Jimmys comment of same vibe above!We are on the same trip!THANK YOU , WILLY , FINALLY YET ETERNALLY ! As you and your blog are simply funkiest of them all!Very soon I discovered that if to put all your posts in one folder - together they make UTMOST FUNKIEST,MOST INSPIRED comtinous bag of coolest music around - that only goes to show - MONSIEUR is a hottest DJ like no other!And if its not enough...everytime I play music from MONSIEURS folder at my home pc and girls are around - girls go Booom! and wanna copy on a disc - girls always know the sharpest guy - and its you Willy!
My best funkofied wishes!
Your russian fan Vadjah

PS 1. Do I understand correct - dispite large catalogue numbers TEC RECORDS only got a dozen of records out - most of them are on your blog?
2. Do you have Conrad Benjamin record called Saturn on Nebula Records from 1982 and if so would it be possible for you to post it or shed any light on that artist if you know.I only have one song from him and really love it.

monsieurwilly a dit…

I don't know how many tec record was released.

I haven't this Benjamin Conrad.

Thx for your support, appreciated.

a mind with no ceiling a dit…

Ououh le sample!
Comme d'habitude l'original surpasse la copie. (malgré le respect que j'ai pour Nas).
Merci Willy.