lundi 21 décembre 2009

MIKE T "Do it any way you wanna"

You can find it (my own edit) in the "mix show" section : 80's rap mix 2.
Featuring Joe Thomas at saxophone. A must have record.

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Ross a dit…


Love the rhodes on this. Not so hot on the smooth sax, but Mike T has the ill old school voice.

Doesn't this sound a little like what Guru did on Jazzamatazz all those years later?


Mystic Melvin a dit…

I Usta' Play this great track B.I.T.D. but i don't know what happened to my copy.So many thanks for this post.

monsieurwilly a dit…

Maybe it's your copy... lol

db1233 a dit…

There's a great Greg Wilson's re edit of this monster track ! The bass is rullin' !