lundi 24 mars 2008

OTIS WILLIAMS "I love the way you love me"

Great obscur boogie tune produced by Delmar Donell with Otis Williams from The Temptations.
Enjoy !

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Listen this edit :

THE CHI-LITES "Bottom's up"

Released in 1983, this Funk tune sounds good and smell good, especially for the Poppin' dancers. A Willy's classic party track !

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dimanche 23 mars 2008


Electro Rap tune from 1983 on Elektra records with music performed by Pumpkin. One of the rare rap record used by Larry Levan with this special version.

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Realized after the departure of Vince Montana, this record did not recieve good criticisms. However it is an honorable tune.

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RADIANCE featuring PRIZE "This is a party"

From Philadelphia, this obscur tune gonna rock your party.

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RAW SILK "Just in time & space" dub

First I would like let the vocal version and finally this is the dub space version. Welcome to the trip !

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ANQUETTE "Get off your ass and jam"

From the time where the girls was not considered as a bitches by the rap game.
Wicked girls !!!!

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mardi 18 mars 2008


Released in 1979 by this Canadian group who made the legendary 12.33 mn Disco version of "The mexican" on West End records too.

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THE FANTASTIC ALEEMS featuring CALEBUR "Hooked on your love " instrumental Rick Gianatos mix, 4th release 1980

Undoubtedly one of my post more awaited, this is the instrumental version.
Now I think the total file for this song is classed !

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T.J. SWANN & PEE WEE MEL and swann Controllers "Maximus party"

Very dope cover of the Queen's hit "another one bites the dust" from T.J. Swann on his own label.

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dimanche 16 mars 2008

THE AFTERNOON DELIGHTS "General hospi-tale"

I like very much this track, the horns seems play by Manu Dibango, very similar at "Big Blow" horns line. It's a Disco boogie female Rap track.

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instrumental version

samedi 15 mars 2008

JA KII "Sun, sun, sun"

Collectable. Strange tune with strange original edit, it starts, it stops, it starts,... A kind of incantation on pyramid label with the illuminati's logo.

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THE OPEC FAMILY "Get up and do the boogie"

One shot studio group, with this amazing track written by the arranger Boo Frazier and the saxophonist Warren Daniels.
Out in 1978 on Disco label AVI.
Play it loud, you'll believe be in San Francisco streets in a car pursuit !
Listen and do the boogie !

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dimanche 2 mars 2008

LITTLE SCOTTY "Going to a Disco to-night"

Rough Harlem Disco tune from Peter Brown and Michael Campbell who gave a lot for this kind of specific sound. The band who played behind is High Voltage.

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samedi 1 mars 2008

THE FANTASTIC ALEEMS featuring CALEBUR "Hooked on your love " Rick Gianatos mix, 4th release 1980

Final version recorded in 1980 on Panorma record and mixed by Rick Gianatos. Also very good.
Calebur is the Leroy's nickname.

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THE FANTASTIC ALEEMS featuring CALEBUR "Hooked on your love " John Morales mix, 2nd release 1980

They did it again !!
1980 release. It exists the same version but with the blue label as 3rd release.

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ALEEMS featuring CALIBER "Hooked on your love" 1st release 1979

First released (of 4) of this classic Disco tune and first meet between the Aleems twins and Leroy Burgess. Leroy Burgess was in the Black Ivory band and came to this studio session as arranger and keyboardist. Due to the insatisfaction of the Aleems about the vocals, he tried something and you know the following story....
Back vocals are features Luther Vandross and Ullanda McCullough.

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