jeudi 12 mai 2011


The line up at the start in 1979 was,
Jean-Paul (Bluey) Maunick, Nevil (Breeze) McKrieth, Paul (Tubbs) Williams, Peter (Stepper) Hinds, Everton McCalla, Ganiyu (Gee) Bello, Nathaniel (Nat) Augustin, Kenny Wellington, David (Baps) Baptiste
This was to change over the years with splinter groups with the Acid Jazz era, Incognito, Beggar & Co, The Warriors

Extract from the second LP "Round trip"

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Gianni a dit…

this track is GREEEAT!!!

Tonton Décibel !!! a dit…

superbe !

un de mes preferer chez eux
reste la reprise de bob marley
' I'm shoot the sherif'
d'ailleur un petit edit est dispo sur mon blog ,
nice choice .
The 'D' Touch.

fpunk a dit…

Great to see a new post. I've learned a great bit about music from your site and I know I haven't shown the proper gratitude for your wonderful blog. Thanks!

monsieurwilly a dit…

THX !!

Anonyme a dit…

Merci bôcoup.... Mais....Faut revenir plus souvent...On commencait à tourner en rond...

monsieurwilly a dit…

Je sais... Il faut que je reprenne l'habitude