mercredi 4 août 2010

Ghetto Blaster Eighties Rap Mix !

Click on the player to download.

From Press Record radio show :

LL Cool J “Rock the bells”
T La Rock & Jazzy Jay “It’s yours”
Disco Four “We are at the party”
Fresh 3 MC’s “Fresh”
Captain Rock “Cosmic blast” willy edit
Ultimate 3 MC’s “Ultimate live” live willy scratch
Rap-O-Matic “Lies lies”
Masterdon Committee “Get off my tip”
Rock Master Scott “It’s life”
Ultimate 3 MC’s “What you gonna do”
Point Blank MC’s “What the party needs”
Roxanne “I’m fly shante”
MC Shan “Beat biter” (LL Cool J dis)
Divine Sounds “My mother”
Run DMC “Rock box”
Z 3 MC’s “Triple threat”
Word of Mouth “King Kut”
Doug E Fresh “Just having fun”

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