dimanche 15 juillet 2007

Saint-Vincent Supersound The Latinaires Orchestra

"Stolen" rip from My Favourite Sound's blog
where you can find some very good rare stuffs too. I've this record too, just to have it. I've bought it few years ago in a very very bad condition, impossible to ripped all the tracks correctly. It was a good opportunity.
I've edited all the LP, because where it comes from, it's just one file with the complete LP, here you have each track clean.

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4 commentaires:

Fracazzo da Velletri a dit…

Thx for cleaning this stuff ripped by Claudio (Italy) I am italian but live in São Paulo Brasil ...thx JazzyPier

monsieurwilly a dit…

Si, gracie Jazzypier per la questa cosa.

Anonyme a dit…

link no existe

Anonyme a dit…

no existe