jeudi 31 décembre 2015

To your attention !

A big part of the download links are dead.
I'll not updating the blog in a particular order. If you want download more a track than another write it to me and I will download them progressively as your requests come and try to make an update in the following of your different requests. Use the comments section of this post to your request.

Don't forget that those tracks are only to promote my world as a DJ. Songs posted on this blog are only a way to make you to discover underground unknown black music without promotion and it's a tribute to history. The most part of those tracks are out of the business. If you're an artist or copyright holder and if you want to remove something because you don't want a free promo of your forget tracks, send an e-mail. If you're happy that we don't forget you, send an e-mail too !

Last thing, a thank you is free like what you gonna download !

Peace and havin' fun !

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Crotchbat a dit…

What happened to Z-Share? It used to be one of my favorite upload sites - quick up and down speeds, not too many ads. It's a shame that a lot of folks are having the same issues.

As always, many thanks for the fantastic music Willy!

Dj Bashir a dit…

I would like to request Jazzy sensation manhattan version and instrumental by the kryptic krew feat. tina b., and Yella by yella, both are old school hip-hop songs

Thanx, DJ Bashir

funkacise a dit…

bonjour, avez vous . FULL BODY - YOU GOT TO DANCE.

DJ Mista Reese a dit…

cheers.. i would like to request the entire VLS/CD of doug e fresh - play this only at night ... i need it all , the instrumental and all available versions found on the original single .... THANKS

Temet Nosce a dit…

Sucks about Zshare...all this hard work for naught...

When you get a chance, could you repost WILLIAM STUCKEY "Disco fly" please?


Rob (MFS Equipe) a dit…

Hi mW,
please please please could you re up SOLDIERS OF TWILIGHT "Believe" remix? many thanks anyway... :-) a dit…

les mixs caribéens tuent gravent ! merci !
tu devrais proposer tes services/talents à
tu les connais ?

monsieurwilly a dit…

Merci !
Je connais le site mais je ne les connais pas.

Qpchan a dit…

hi Willy baby!
Special Force - M.T.A. / So you Want to be would be nice to have that re-upload;
merci :)

N2K a dit…

Slt monsieur willy
pourrais je avoir le lien du Disco mix 6 merci !
Bonne fete

Crotchbat a dit…

What happened to the steekr links? Expired already?

Thanks again for all the excellent music, Willy!

denis.douillard a dit…

Salut Willy,

Peux-tu uploader ton re-edit de D-Train "Keep on"

May the funk be with you.

Denis from Nantes

Maciko a dit…

une très bonne et heureuse année, encore merci pour ce fabuleux blog

Charmuh a dit…

Hello, I would like to request La Pregunta's "Chameleon".

El Jefe a dit…

Thanks 4 all this music. Please reup BESIDE / BERNARD FOWLER "Odeon" and POINT BLANK MC'S "What the party needs"- Thanks in advance

N2K a dit…

Merci pour le mix


hi!,could you post the full 12" of doug e fresh & the get fresh crew-play this only at night. cheers

X-CH @ n GE a dit…

Hello there
Shame about having lost all the links for these fantastic and rare tracks. Could you please upload again the original version of "Secret Weapon Must be the Music"? I would really appreciate that. Thanks

Fabio a dit…

Such a shame having lost the link for all these wonderful music. Could you please reUpload "Secret Weapon" Must be the Music. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

M-unit a dit…

could you please reUpload Tumblack - Tumblack. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Anonyme a dit…

reupload taana gardner. i need my paradise fix. PS you taste is impeccable

Anonyme a dit…

Hello MonsieurWilly!would be possible to send me of funks instrumentals versions such as A'O'K' "Style instrumental" HOT, COLD SWEAT "Meet me at the Go-Go instrumental"
RENE & ANGELA "Save your love instrumental"
STOP "I can feel it instrumental"
EDDIE CHEEBA "Looking good (shake your body)" Instrumental
Dr PERRI JOHNSON "Psyched up instrumental" THE AFTERNOON DELIGHTS "General hospi-tale instrumental" THE FANTASTIC ALEEMS featuring CALEBUR "Hooked on your love " instrumental Rick Gianatos mix, 4th release 1980
JAZZY 5 & The Kryptic Krew "Jazzy sensation instrumental"
Fly Away With Me MIGHTY RYEDERS [Instrumental]
thank you for sending me these sounds in my limps mail or THNKS LOTS !

Anonyme a dit…

Can you please upload the Larry Levan mix of thew Frontline Orchestra's " dont turn your back on me " on the RC/Quality label?

Thanks in advance! a dit…

Could you please reload Larry Levan's mix of Frontline Orchestra's " Dont turn your back on me ".

The mix on RFC/Quality records.

Thanks in advance!

BRONCO a dit…

Hi Sdw

Just have a look at these covers:

No joke!

Avi a dit…

I was looking for this this track '' One On One - Body Music'' for the longest time. Can you please upload one more time.


HY ,

J'adore la date de ton post !!!

31 DEC 2009 ;;

c'est enorme et comme tu le dis :
' to your attention !'

tant pi for the link ,

l'important c est que tu existe ,


résiste et insiste my friend .

ninel a dit…

hello! many thanks for the beautiful tunes...I would like to download ce ce rogers - all hands up, if it's possible...many thanks agains

finisterre a dit…

Hi Willy,

Could you repost EDUCATIONAL RAP by the Community People.


troyanwhore a dit…

Hi Willy
it would be great if you could repost the Incredible Bongo Band post


Tatum a dit…

hi there,

it would be awesome if you could repost The Biz "Falling", especially the Crash Beat remix. I have been looking for it everywhere and I think you may the only option on the internet.

thanks very very much. great work on the blog by the way.

bigcitygroover a dit…

Please please please re-post Linda Hopkins - It's In Your Blood


bigcitygroover a dit…

Thank you so much for reposting Linda Hopkins - It's In Your Blood. That is a serious funky groove.
If possible can I request Ted Taylor - Ghetto Disco Part 2 if you have it. I loved your re-edit but I also like part 2 of the original. Merci.

bigcitygroover a dit…

Please please please repost:
LORRAINE JOHNSON "The more I get, the more I want"
Thanks very much.

Anonyme a dit…

Yo, can you repost the Dynamics "90% of Me" and "Hip-Hop Against Apartheid"? Also, I've been desparately looking for this reggae joint I lost called "Lumumba" about the assassination of Patrice Lumumba. Did you post that?

Great spot, man, thanks.

Bobby Hands a dit…

Dope blog man, You got good taste!
Make sure you stop by our blog n say hello!

EZ! DJ Bobby Hands

Anonyme a dit…

Lorraine Johnson, seconded

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you so much for reposting all of you...

Get More Details

nnn a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

In honor of Mr. Magic (R.I.P.), it would be wonderful if you could re-upload the full-length original release of "Potential 1980"/"Magic Life Coast to Coast". Thanks!

Anonyme a dit…

Can you re-upload Caprice 100%? That was a favorite of mine back in the days. Thanks for this awesome site and the memories!


Anonyme a dit…

Not sure if this went through unable to read french but can you upload Caprice 100%


Anonyme a dit…

Could you please repost the Levan remix of Frontline Orchestra - "Don't Turn Your Back"?

Anonyme a dit…

Hi could you please report Afro-Cuban Band - Something's Gotta Give? Thanks.

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks so much for having reposted Frontline Orchestra! Both it and you are amazing!

Anonyme a dit…

great blog! could you please re-upload the tony humphries remix of "stand on the word"?

Anonyme a dit…



Anonyme a dit…

please please please willy,from your large collection,tara schaft AKA black diamond - new york city dream.
happy christmas
(great site,top tuneage)

Pop a dit…

Great blog! Tnx a lot !! i've found many jewels here which i never knew and i'm still amazed of how the things were back in the 80s(and also dissapointed of how things are now..)
Anyway i would appreciate very much if you could upload these tracks once more:

THE "P" CREW "Party Rock"
E.S.P. "Extrol"
TIME ZONE "The wild style"
UNLIMITED TOUCH featuring Audrey Wheeler "Reach out (everlasting lover)"
JAY NOVELLE "If this ain't love"
LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY "Crash goes love"
MIDNIGHT STAR "No parking on the dance floor"
PEECH BOYS "Don't make me wait"
MO-JO "Jump, stomp and twist"
CITISPEAK "Rock to rok"
INTERBORO RHYTHM TEAM "Watch the closing doors"
FREESTYLE "It's automatic"
LITTLE TONI MARSH "Video burnout"

i know there's a lot of them..but i can't find them anywhere.
Tnx again!

monsieurwilly a dit…

Sorry, I haven't.

Anonyme a dit…

Keep your good job alive!

Greetings from Allemagne

Anonyme a dit…

Don't stop posting such themes. I love to read articles like that. Just add some pics :)

Anonyme a dit…

Great story as for me. I'd like to read something more about that topic. Thnx for posting that data.
Joan Stepsen
Escorts San Diego

Term Papers a dit…

Thanks for share this information, i just know about that,and will get advantage from this,Thanks for share this.

marioscafe a dit…

Thank for all the wonderful tunes. Please re-up Grace Jones - Pull Up To The Bumper disconet version at 320kbps. Muchas gracias.

soulie a dit…

sup wills,still in buseness or what.
great blog at its peak.

ps i now have that Tara Schaft album if you want a copy.

Anonyme a dit…

I just found you... nice site!

Any chance you could reup:

Direct Current - Everybody Here Must Party vocal & Instrumental?


David a dit…

Thanks for all the hard work - classic tunes and great edits

David C

fpunk a dit…

Hi, I would love to see The Tara Schaft And Black Diamonds – Black Diamond LP updated if possible. New York City Dreams is such a great song. If I'm mistaken and you didn't upload this at some point than excuse my freshness.

Anonyme a dit…

Could you re-up Jo.Boyer "Isabelle and the rain"

ReeBee a dit…

Hi Willy

I try Eko Roosevelt Louis...
can you make a post dedicated to Eko?
all link are dead...

ReeBee a dit…

Hi Willy
un gran merci pour EKO!!!!!!

dubme a dit…

Hi Monsieur Willy!

I found your blog a few months ago. Although quite a few links weren't working anymore by then - I still got introduced too sooooo much good groovy, funky music through your blog! A big thanks!!! If the links weren't working - I kept searching elsewhere for the songs - hah! And sometimes I even stumbled upon your rips elsewhere. I just started my own blog not long ago - and just yesterday shared a compilation of tropikal favourites with a disco groove of mine ( )... Linked to your blog - as I got introduced to quite a few songs here. Thanks for all the good music - and keep updating your blog! I am tingeling with anticipation for more Monsieur Willy sounds... Thanks & best wishes from China; DubMe

monsieurwilly a dit…

Thank you I appreciate. If you need particular link, feel free.

Anonyme a dit…

Love Your Blog, Love your taste and love your edits bro !
Come and visit me at my house sometime.